Assalamualaikum gais. Enjoy reading.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


First of all, I've no idea to write about anything. Just wait and see. Let's the idea come by it own. Hai sabrina, hai ummil, hai Zayn Malik and hai everyone. Assalamualaikum as the opening. Since ummil told me that she already creted a blog terus rasa semangat nak tulis. Makin rajin.

I miss my primary school. I miss my adopted siblings. Didn't you? I miss dancing, rindu nak kembara ke satu negeri for dancing competition or doing performances but tu semua dulu. Sekarang dah lain.

Secondary was okay but the cabaran is getting harder day by day. I just loved my friends, they are nice. No complain, I always annoy them, lulz. I'm sorry guys.

P/s: Tell you friends, what they didn't want to hear not by telling them what they loved to hear. Get it?

plus, sorry kalau takde picture korg. hmm. By the way, korg tetap kawan aku juga. Lots of love